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Why do all humans don’t have an equal intellectual capacity? 1

Why do all humans don’t have an intellectual capacity on par with other intellectually sound people? Sometimes I wonder if it is possible as such. Or simply what will happen or how will our society look if we all would be smart? Have you ever pondered why you are smarter than others or somebody even smarter than you?

These questions have addled me from a long time. I have spent hours on thinking about this. Some may answer the question:  Why is it so that somebody is smarter than you, or you are smarter than somebody else?  As Hard work…..Oh! yes, but, now the question arises why did one person worked hard and other didn’t? I think the difference is due to the way which we are nurtured from the childhood, our milieu, food that we eat, water which we drink, people around us and umpteen other factors. These conditions may have individual or group effect at their own levels. Because of these, I think the difference comes into the picture.

But, at any point of time, can there be the world where all humans are of equal intellectual capacity and who use their brain equally. It may seem bizarre to some of you, but it is very interesting to think about it because it is great to imagine the world full of smart people or people of equal intellectual capacity. Even if in wildest of our dreams it gets true, the functioning of the world will change in an astounding manner or even beyond our imagination.

But, the thing is it seems that such world seemingly impossible in reality because nature has its own way of balancing the world. Perhaps, that’s why we can see people varying in their capacity to think or understand at equal intellectual capacity with sound humans. What do you think?

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  • Nelli says:

    I believe that there will always be a certain variety in the intellectual capacity, which can be partly explained by genetics, influencing brain function. Yet I suppose the impact of this factor is quite small on the intellect in general. I agree with the point, that it depends on how we are raised and how our living conditions are. meaning that the intellect is something we can develop over time.
    I think the intellect would be more alike if education is less dependent on income. Furthermore, if we stop looking down on people who are seemingly below us, because that could destroy their will to achieve something great.
    It can’t be denied, that maybe not all, but quite many people in a high position have a certain interest in maintaining their power by refusing to share knowledge and resources. Yet they are not the only ones to blame.
    Maybe it is also a question about how we think about our lives. It is a quite idealistic idea, but if we all had the same chances to achieve knowledge and the will to develop ourselves, making the world better and if we didn’t lose our sense of humor, maybe then we would be, at least almost, equally smart.

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