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What did I learn from HubSpot Email Marketing certification course?



Many today have one question in mind, is email marketing relevant in today’s word? The answer is yes. After the email was sent in 1972, a lot has changed since then. Now, email is not just a medium to communicate with other people, but it has fledged its wings in the area of business. Email is one of the best marketing tools to convert leads to customers.


What is the expectation of people from an email?

As everybody wants to push their message into the inbox of people, everybody is getting warier of the emails. Therefore, many emails go unopened even though the same person subscribes for the emails.

So, does it means that people don’t open commercial email at all? No, they do open. But in most cases, the emails which are transparent ( a clear purpose for sending the emails), provide value (it useful to the reviver), and last but not the least is personalized (which addresses particular person rather than a group of individuals). Above mentioned are some cardinal points which should be considered before thinking about email as a marketing media.

The question may arise why do we even need to consider what people expect? The answer is people have right to opt out of email if they are not interested. For example, in the USA anybody violating the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 can be charged $16,000 for an email! Therefore, the email should be based on consent rather than the forceful emails.


What needs to be taken care of while building effective email strategy?

First of all, it is important to know that that 54% email is now opened on mobile (Litmus “state of email” March 2017). Therefore, your strategy should focus majorly on optimizing the email on mobile, which businesses ignore.

And the primary focus should be on building a compelling subject line which is not salsy at the same time, using images which succinctly capture the message which is needed to be conveyed, the from email to be contextually relevant apart from the fact that it is readable on a smartphone. Also, the call to action should be big enough to be clicked on a mobile device. Also, time, frequency and content are crucial.

It should be noted that a clear understanding of the customer journey is key to building an effective marketing strategy.


Factors necessary for the email campaign success?

If you deliver value to your customer, they start believing you, and then they commit themselves to the emails sent by you which are very important, and it is imperative to use a good platform which is in line with your business goal. Moreover, a clear-cut understanding of the role of email in your business is required to make the campaign successful.


What are the credible sources for gathering the email database?

Having a relevant email database is essential for communicating your message to nurture the leads or achieve your business goal. Therefore, is very necessary to have a credible data source, if not it would affect your email open rates, deliverability, etc. which can halt your email campaign.

Various ways to create a credible email database is email list from the website users, trade shows, phone conversations, form submissions, social media activity, surveys, etc.


What are the various types of emails for a new customer?

To start building on the relationship with new customers, different type of emails used initially are transactional, welcome message, confirmation of appointment and recap meeting emails.


HubSpot’s recipe for business email success:

Responding promptly to emails, setting expectations, enticing people for action and delivering value are some of the factors which are responsible for the success of the business emails.


ROI from email Marketing: 4300%


What is email deliverability and why it is important?

All the emails which are sent are not delivered to the contact due to deliverability issues. Email deliverability means success to get the emails into the inbox of the customers. The three most important factors which impacts this are sources, permissions, and expectations. Deliverability is affected by email bounce which means the email server rejects the sent email due to reasons like recipient bounce, content bounce, reputation bounce or temporary failure. As a business, we want to deliver the email to as many people as possible therefore deliverability is very important.

Also, in the course, we learn about lead nurturing, which means building a relationship with the customer over the period and then utilizing the relationship for business purpose. Last but not least we learn about email optimization and testing. Optimization is important to give the customers the best experience possible and with testing companies make sure how the email is going to look in front of the actual client.

Source: HubSpot

My take on the HubSpot Email Marketing Certification course:

The course is very comprehensive; you do not need any previous experience for doing this. It is crucial to go chapter by chapter and make notes for getting things in your long-term memory even though slides and transcripts are also available for downloading. Also, if you want to understand something in more detail, it is also important to read the article and blogs given in the resources section. After doing all this, you are ready to give the test which consists of 60 questions, and you need to get 70 % to pass the test.

Thank you for reading, kindly write in the comment box if you have any questions!

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