Importance of festivals

The Importance of Festivals

Festivals in In India are always at the nooks and corner of it. There are myriad festivals, more importantly, there are a various different name for a single festival celebrated on a single day. Every region (southern, western, eastern and northern) has different names for it. But they all signify a sole purpose directly or indirectly. They serve as an important link to our past (histories) and add structure to our social lives, connect us with our friends, relatives, family, and backgrounds. These festivals are an arcane byway to pass the legends, wisdom, heritage etc. onto the next generation. Here, I am listing out the importance of festival from the perspective of different viewpoints:


A festival celebrated by its citizens (though with a different name) give them a chance to rejoice at the same time.It binds them in different ways.It built up camaraderie among the peoples of the different cast, religions, economic strata etc.It gives a chance to know each other, exchange words, gifts, sweets etc.And it consequently binds them together with a thread of compassion, love, and care.This creates a milieu of peace and results in a stable and harmonious state.


These days are generally a public holiday, which gives them a bit of relief from their hectic schedule.We plan for it beforehand.On this day, we go to shopping, spent time with our families, cook or eat our favorite dishes, meet with friends, exchange gifts etc.Hence, it creates a positive environment.Children enjoy their holiday with their friends and family members and get a relief from their educational routine of this ultra-competitive world.


Festivals act as a gel (binding force) among people. It creates an environment of celebration, it gives people a chance for celebration. In short, it makes our life a celebration. People of different diaspora come together to celebrate their different festivals engendering peace and harmony. It creates a sense of community.

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