What To Expect From A Speed Dating Interview?

My Speed Dating Interview Experience

Before the experience which I am going to share with you, I must tell you that I had no idea about speed dating interview. Therefore I would help you to understand what it is by sharing my experience.

So, it was on 22 June at 12.00 noon on a sunny day with Deutsch Post DHL at EBS Business School. It was officially scheduled for 15 minutes.

As I entered the room, I greeted the HR and discussed a bit about the hot weather.And then she quickly switched to my resume (they have one copy of the resume with them). First of all, I was asked about myself and then she started questioning me at various points which were interesting to her. After that, she specifically pointed out some points from my resume. Some questions like why you want to join a big company, etc.

After this, I was told about the various opportunities which are matching my interest on her iPad. And then it was over!

What is the purpose of speed dating interview?

The purpose is to know about the company and to ask a certain specific question which you might have. It is a two-way exchange of expectations for both sides. Companies do it market themselves and to know what potential employees expect from them.

Benefits of speed dating:

  • There are no direct job offers there but for sure if the HR finds your CV interesting and if there is any current position open for the post you are interested in then the HR can expedite the process of applications. And because of the HR push, your chances of getting an interview call increases drastically.
  • Network with the HR, in case you find something interesting in future, then you can ask them for help.
  • You can also mention this in your cover letter, which builds the credibility of your application, etc.

What should one do before a speed dating?

I would say through research about the company and position which are open currently. In an ideal case, you can get the push from HR which can help you get an interview call.

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