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My Internship Experience with Henkel AG: A Journey from Confusion to Clarity 3



Coming from a culture where it is believed that once you get into a top academic institute, that institute will arrange a job for you, it was a significant change for me to adapt to the European culture of having to find an internship by myself.

My search for an internship began in January, and it was February 2017 when I found an exciting position on LinkedIn at the Düsseldorf headquarters of a big consumer goods and chemical firm, Henkel. I applied online, and it took a while, but I got an interview call, and then an internship offer which I happily accepted 


The first reaction to the Henkel campus

As a mechanical engineer, I am always asked, “Why management?” And my response always revolved around my desire to become a techno-commercial professional who not only knows how things are made but also how they are marketed and sold.

That being said, as soon as I entered the Henkel Campus, I could see the production plant on the left and the administration buildings on the right. And I knew, I was there to understand and become the bridge between those two sides.

I was excited to dive into understanding the nuances of Henkel as a company which operates into three business areas- Adhesives Technology, Laundry and Home Care, and Beauty Care. I joined as a CRM Intern in Marketing and Sales Excellence (AXM) Department of the extended family Marketing and Strategy (AX) Group of Adhesives Technologies.


Learnings Accumulated

  • The structure and operations of a multinational corporation
  • Importance of making notes, asking questions and meeting deadlines.
  • Various project experience such as General Data Protection Regulation, Go to Market, Pricing, etc. in addition to CRM project on which I was working.  I realized, learning about various other departments and people around you is very useful
  • Feedback session and improvements.
  • A whole new SAP C4C CRM tool and Project Management.
  • Working with different stakeholders, I got the chance to work with Accenture Technologies and to interact with SAP and Maihiro.


Henkel Intern Events

  • Henkel Intern Day
  • Henkel Archive Tour
  • Site Tours


  • Laser Tag, Escape Room events


Perks of Working at Henkel

I think there are many great things about Henkel which I noticed, some of them are:

  • Food: Henkel offers many varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so that everyone had an option to eat (which may not be the case always).


  • International Teams: Henkel has employees from across the globe. In my team itself, I had team members from Germany, India, France, Spain, The UK.


  • Henkel Coupons: In Henkel from employees to interns everyone gets € 9 coupon using which we can buy anything from Henkel shop at a discounted price.


  • Henkel Career Track: Top performing interns get the chance to become the part of Henkel Career track which offers myriad possibilities for the internship


  • Amazing People: From direct colleagues to other people working around, everyone is very open-minded, humble and approachable.


  • Big Intern Community: This was one of the best points. Personally, we have such a big international community that you never feel alone. There is always an event around the corner such as escape room, bowling, laser tag, house party, etc.



  • Henkel AXpert 2017: Being awarded for the knowledge about the AX team and Henkel in general during Christmas part celebration.


  • Nomination for Henkel Career Track: Got nominated for Henkel Career Track.
  • Master Thesis Opportunity: Got the opportunity to write the master thesis in the AXM team.


It has been a fantastic experience with a lot of lessons learned. But I think there is no end to learning, and I can see only good things from here as this was just the beginning.

Henkel offers full-time and master thesis opportunities to its best-performing interns. I am glad to start my master thesis within AX.

I am looking forward to the future possibilities!


  • Yasir says:

    Bro Awesome work !!

    The only thing from a reader perspective I would like to see is if you identified any potential area of improvement, I mean nothing is perfect in the world 🙂

    Ex- Henkliet

    • Naveen kumar Sharma says:

      Hi Yasir,

      Yes, sure. Areas of improvements are:

      1. Need for industry focus and specialization
      2. Presentation skills
      3. Pitching innovative ideas
      4. Convincing and influencing skills


  • SannyRut says:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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