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India of My Dreams

Today I would like to take you on an odyssey of ‘INDIA of our dreams’. This sojourn runs the gamut from real to the ideal fettle which I expect (and, probably, so does everybody…). It’s everyone’s desire that they live in a perfect society where there are no evils (social, economic, political or of any sort), conditions are conducive, people around them are well educated (or to say well mannered) the environment is serene etc. So, are these expectations not feasible or unattainable? I don’t think so! what do you say?

Yes! you are utterly true; it’s at one’s disposal to make such society or nation as a whole (but with a little effort from our side and ultimately from everybody). So, let us begin our journey:

India of my dream would be somewhat like this:

We the Guardians of the society (people):

People are well educated technically, socially, morally, ethically etc. and nobody is illiterate. This is not an impossible job, until and unless we abjure our selfish motives to create an egalitarian society. A society which will directly or indirectly benefit all humankind. If we all would be educated there would be no anarchy. We will approach for a sustainable development (because we will be very much aware of the consequences of not following a sustainable path of development)

Government and Opposition:

A government which is not there to just work (or to complete its stint in power) but for working in a way which would most efficiently and speedily deliver their promises. A government which will frame such rules and regulations which encourage an egalitarian society, a government which focuses more on the implementation of the laws rather than just making new legislation. An Opposition which plays a constructive role rather than a destructive one, because if an opposition hinders the government from working efficiently just for the sake of opposition it will belittle the idea of a multi-party form of government (or democracy).


Technologies which serves the human needs rather than becoming a source of concerns for the human. There is no doubt that we human only make these technologies, but before inventing anything, we would have to take into consideration the above point. We need to develop technologies which compromise with nature or human in any way (because there is no sense in inducing a disease explicitly and then finding a tablet to cure it!).


Serene natural beauties and ecological balance. The life which is cared by humans and further nurtured in all possible ways in which we can. It is our right to breathe in fresh, pollution-free surroundings but how much do we ourselves try to keep our environment dirt-free? I will leave this question to you. Moreover, our forest cover (which is indeed decreasing even as you read this) is our pride. We are a land of green pastures which provide a home to so many living organisms. We need to understand harming it is in a way hurting our own-selves as it would alter our climate cycle and we will have to face periods of drought in near future.

Hence this India of our dreams is as realistic as the thought of building the Taj Mahal in the 17th Century. The fact is we all will have to be a visionary and bear the load of responsibilities of the welfare of the upcoming generation on our shoulder. Are you with me in this quest of bringing to reality the India of Our Dream???

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