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Companionship vs Solitude

Human beings love to be in company with other humans (some with animals), hence they use each other’s company. So, probably that’s why human being are called social animals. But have you ever pondered what does this mean to us or is it necessary for us to be in company with others? Now there comes the role of solitude in our life. I agree that we need companionship and it is very vital for us to live, but simultaneously I think loneliness also plays a significant role in our life. So, let us see how these two inevitabilities fulfill their role in our life.


One time or another, we all might have used the company of our friends, family members, relative or even of a stranger for different purposes or may be desultorily. Have you ever though what role does company plays in our life? Let us see it one by one; what are the various roles it plays in our life, and what does it mean to us in personCelebration: We all celebrate festivals, our achievements, successes, birthday, etc. with many other people. This all does not mean anything if we are alone (maniac may celebrate this in seclusion!). Therefore,

Celebration: We all celebrate festivals, our achievements, successes, birthday, etc. with many other people. This all does not mean anything if we are alone (maniac may celebrate this in seclusion!). Therefore, a company is a must for celebration. As we know celebration brings life in us, it makes our milieu vivacious. We mostly enjoy the sublime experience of companionship when we had experienced the ennui of being in seclusion. Considering all these, I think companionship is very vital for all humans.

Sharing thoughts: This is also a very distinctive human characteristic; we share our thoughts with other fellow beings. This helps us to free our mind filled with apprehension due to loads of vexation. It feels good when we share our opinion with other, isn’t it?

Killing boredom: Yes, true it does kill boredom because while we are in the company we have something from trivial like gossiping to some important task as meeting, etc. We remain busy, so, there is no enough time to get bored.

Travel: It depends on person to person but I think most people like to go in a company. Thence this is also a good aspect of companionship.

An escape from reality: Yes, it’s true, not always but sometimes, fellowship gives us an escape from the reality. We don’t think much about work nor we care much for the future when we are in company, we just enjoy (though not every time!).

Play: We play in groups ( except electronic based games), it does provide company to us. It helps to create team spirit. It fosters friendship and  hence companionship.

We do many other things while we use each others company like sharing intimacy, venting anger, enjoying etc. These all were roles which companionship plays in our life.


Now, we come to ‘solitude’ do you think this plays any major roles in our life? Of Course, it does. As we saw there are umpteen benefits of companionship, nevertheless, I think ‘solitude’ also has a major role to play in our life, which cannot be denied. Would you like to know why is it so? Here are some major roles which ‘solitude’ does play in our life.

Time to ponder: In today’s life of hustle and bustle we don’t get much time to ponder because we are surrounded by other people around us. Therefore loneliness sometimes gives us time and space for pondering over different issues (sometimes on really important stuff).Hence in this situations, solitude is of very much help.

Concentration: It is very obvious that our focus increases in a silent and uncrowded environment. As when we are in company people are around us and so does the noise, this somehow distracts us. So, here also solitude helps us.

Self-appraisal: We common to talk to other beings but we talk to ourself when we are alone. We think and analyze our doings. Hence solitude gives us a chance to talk to our self and mull over other things. It gives us time to know our self, who we are? What is the purpose of our life? What is our goal?.

Peace: Sometimes we get irritated by so much activity and people around us that we want to be alone for some time to stabilize our mind. At this juncture of time seclusion is of great help.

Invention and idea generation: Solitariness gives us time to chew over facts and to mend facts, to generate new ideas or so to say invent things.

To sum up, not only companionship but also solitude is vital for us. Therefore, we human show ambivert nature in general. But somehow (Sometimes), we tend to ignore the role of seclusion in our life, but, I think it is the other side of the coin, it complements companionship. Hence both of this play equally important role in our life. What do you think?

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