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“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.” - Talib Kweli

What psychological tricks do advertisers use?

Advertising is a form of marketing communication that intends to influence the behavior of consumers in terms of purchase intention. It is not a surprise that advertisers have a deep understanding of human psychology which they use while creating advertisements. In a battle of creating, managing and modifying perceptions, addressing strong human emotions to influence […]

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My Internship Experience with Henkel AG: A Journey from Confusion to Clarity


    Coming from a culture where it is believed that once you get into a top academic institute, that institute will arrange a job for you, it was a significant change for me to adapt to the European culture of having to find an internship by myself. My search for an internship began in […]

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Digital Future Summit at ESMT Berlin

My journey to this summit started months back when I got an email from my university regarding this digital summit being held at ESMT. As the topic was digitization, I was quite interested to know more about it. After doing my primary research, I got to know the topics of workshops, masterclasses and the companies […]

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My experience at IUBH Business School Founders’ Day

On 20 June 2017, IUBH Business School celebrated their second founders’ day. The day consisted of engaging workshops, networking opportunities and closing party and a chance to meet and interact with management students from different b-schools because of which I spruced up myself and traveled almost 2 hours to attend the event. But the journey […]

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