Author: Naveen kumar Sharma

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Changing our way

Every now and then, we cry foul for change; But, without bothering about our own game. Change is what brings us prosperity or fall; Change is one with a power to change it all. If we don’t see change, we get irritated; In the course of change, few get mistreated. We expected others to change […]

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The Importance of Festivals

Festivals in In India are always at the nooks and corner of it. There are myriad festivals, more importantly, there are a various different name for a single festival celebrated on a single day. Every region (southern, western, eastern and northern) has different names for it. But they all signify a sole purpose directly or indirectly. They serve as an important link […]

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Finding the true you

I may seem to be the way you saw me, but I never tried to stop you and set you free. My countenance mystifies me stronger, and, you take some more time to ponder. Your endeavor failed to comprehend, because I did not follow the similar trend. My closeness gave you a chance to decipher, […]

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Companionship vs Solitude

Human beings love to be in company with other humans (some with animals), hence they use each other’s company. So, probably that’s why human being are called social animals. But have you ever pondered what does this mean to us or is it necessary for us to be in company with others? Now there comes […]

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My Life

Oh my life, are you the one for which I am living? Or am I the one living is you my life Day and night I strive to know you my life But, your inexplicability makes my strive futile, my life There comes a time when I think I know who you are. But alas! it’s  […]

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Ujjain: The City of Temples

When I visited Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, an ancient city situated on the bank of river Shipra, then I came to know why it is called as the city of temples. I arrived in this beautiful city early morning by train. My stoppage was in a guest house named Duggad yatriki, near Mahakaleshwer temple (one […]

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