About Me !

Naveen is an MSc in Management student at EBS Business School, Germany. The name Naveen means “New” in English, and this the one word which describes him succinctly. Naveen is someone who follows the saying ‘Yearn to Learn,’ which is evident from his involvement in various activities. One thing which differentiates Naveen from others is his consistent endeavor to do better compared to his past performance which is evident from his academic and extracurricular achievements.
Naveen endeavors to deliver more than what he is assigned, at the same time without compromising the quality. Naveen is a person of high potential and flexibility without much of work experience. Therefore, he can be shaped according to the requirement of any organization.
Achievement is something which is directly proportional to the effort one puts. Naveen has been among top candidates in academics wherever he has studied. His achievement is not just limited to academics; he has won prizes in quiz, debate, sports, etc.



Work Experiencesthat stand out for their quality


  • Business Development Manager at Yalwa GmbH (February 2018- Present)
  • CRM Master Thesis at Henkel AG & Company, KGaA (March 2018 to August 2018)
  • Marketing and Sales Excellence Intern at Henkel AG & Company, KGaA (August 2017 to January 2018)
  • Marketing Intern at Websoles Strategic Digital Solution Provider ( December 2016 to January 2017)
  • Intern/ Vocational training at Welspun Captive Power Generation Limited, India ( February 2016)

Business School Projects

  • A marketing campaign to target a dreamer persona for Porsche 911
  • New product development and dialogue marketing for Brandt
  • Doritos TV commercial analysis
  • Developing a sales strategy for EBS Business School for its Master’s program.
  • Design thinking challenge: Demonitisation 2016 in India
  • Digital Marketing Plan for a virtual French Restraunt
  • Product development: Tresemme shampoo for men
  • Excel dashboard project to develop travel expense report


Name: Naveen Kumar Sharma

Age: 24

Location: Wiesbaden , Germany

Nationality: Indian


A few testimonialsthat stand out for their quality

Ranjitkumar Pattnaik - former Chief General Manager Reserve Bank of India

“Mr. Naveen has a thirst for knowledge building. He is dependable. He has good communication skills. I am confident he will turn out to be good manager with leadership quality”

Shubham Kumar Singh- CEO & Founder Websoles Strategic Digital Solutions

Naveen is straight forward, hardworking, honest and his clarity of thought sets him apart from the others. He has got a very smart working style and is always proactive towards routine as well as special tasks”

Gaurav Kumar Chandel- former Strategic Sourcing Manager TATA Motors

“Naveen is one of those people who is always ready to work harder to achieve that extra mile. He has always been a strategic planner who sets clear goals and objective beforehand”.





My life Journey

I was born on 13th January 1994 in Bhatpurwa, a small village with 1500 People in the district of Gorakhpur of the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh. I lived there for 8 years, it was an enriching experience personally because there was the sanctity of serenity, kindness, innocence, and love for nature in the milieu. At that time, we had electricity only for 6 hours a day. Therefore, life was very different from the city (I realized that later)  as people were mostly busy in doing household activities and farming apart from some people working as government servants. This experience taught me about life in the village, opportunities, and challenges. It broadened my horizon of thinking which is very difficult to develop while living in cities.

Thereafter, in early 2002 I got the chance to go into a city of the state Gujarat. I got admitted to Kendriya Vidyalaya Porbandar in 3rd Grade. Now, this was a huge change for me, as there was a stark difference in the lively city from that of the village whether it be food, language (almost every state has its own language in India), people or places,

everything. But fortunately, I got the admit in a school where there were people from all over India, this was a point of inflection in my life which turned my fortune my advantage. I lived and studied in Porbandar for 10 years till 2012. And then I was out of school to face the world. Based on my high school grade and an entrance exam score I got the admission into Government Engineering College Patan (affiliated to Gujarat Technological University) where I studied Mechanical Engineering for 4 years. Patan with its cultural and historical heritage was a completely different city than Porbandar. It was the medieval capital of Gujarat.

While I was doing my bachelors, I started coming to Ahmedabad on weekends and holidays to prepare for management aptitude test and taking part in workshops and seminars of my interest. Ahmedabad is one of the biggest city in India, I really enjoyed spending my weekend there and learning from different activities happing across the city during the course of time.

And then after the successful preparation, I got the admit into one of the best b-school of India located in the economic capital Mumbai. Studying at SPJIMR, Mumbai was an incredible experience. It was a very rigorous program with a focus on 32 management courses in a short span of six and a half month. Many Professors were ex-CEO, MD, of the biggest organizations in India and others were researchers and experts in their field of teaching. After living for approximately 7 months in this metropolitan city, now it was time to start the second leg of the Master’s journey in Europe. And this is how I landed in Germany (my first visit outside India). Here, I am pursuing a Master in Management at EBS Business School Germany, which is very famous for its Master in Management program (Ranked 1th worldwide in FT Master in Management Rankings 2015). The EBS Business School is an international b-school with students coming from different parts of the world. Also at EBS Business School students come for an exchange or dual-degree from top-notch universities and b-school like Bocconi, National University of Singapore, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad to name a few. Every day is learning at the EBS Business School and the process is still in progress.